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Fragility of Spaces   2013   12’

Winds (3,3,3,3) Brass (4,3 3,1) Timpani, Percussion (3) Harp, Piano, Strings.


Incendio   2008   11’

Winds (3,3,3,3) Brass (4,2 3,1) Timpani, Percussion (3) Harp, Piano, Strings.

Premiered by the Minnesota Orchestra, with Osmo Vänskä, conductor.

Symphony Hall, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2008.


Midas   2004  72’

Winds (3,3,3,3) Brass (6,4, 3, 1, 1) Timpani, Percussion (4), Harp, Strings.


Concerto for Three Players and Orchestra    2003   15’

Winds (2,2,2,2,1) Brass (4,2,2,1,1) Percussion (2), Harp, Strings, and Solo Instruments: Bb Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, and Piano.

Premiered by the Juilliard Orchestra, Jeffrey Milarsky, conductor, Alice Tully Hall, New York, NY 2003.


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large ensemble

Trans-Verse   2013   15’

Winds (4,2,8,5,2) Brass (4,4 2,1,1) Timpani, Percussion (3).

Premiered by the Charles River Wind Ensemble, with Matthew Marsitt, conductor. First Baptist Church, Newton Center, Massachusetts, 2013.


Concerto for Winds    2007   15’

Winds (6,6,4,4,2) Brass (6,4,4,1,2) Percussion (4) Gamelan (2) Piano,  and Live-electronics.

Premiered by the Cornell Wind Ensemble on December 3rd 2007 in Bailey Hall, Ithaca, NY, 2007.


Stations   2005  12’

Flute, clarinet Bb, oboe, bassoon, French horn, trumpet, trombone, percussion, piano, 2 violins, viola, cello, bass, and electronics.

Premiered by the Festival Chamber Orchestra, Cynthia Johnston-Turner, Conductor. Barnes Hall, Ithaca, NY.


Glass Roof    2004   9’

Flute, clarinet Bb, oboe, bassoon, French horn, trumpet, trombone, percussion, piano, 2 violins, viola, cello, bass. ASCAP 2005 Award.


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small ensemble

String Quartet 2015 20'

violins (2), viola, and violoncello


Palavers  2014   19’

violins (2)

String Noise Commission


 Details on the Strasbourg Rosace  2014   22’

flute, clarinet Bb, violin, cello, and piano Collide-A-Scope Music Commission.


Callings     2013   8’

three versions: a) eight chromatic tuning pipes and megaphones, b) 12 brass instruments c) 40 trumpets. Premiered by musicians from Det Frie Gymnasium and DKDM on the Den Røde Plads, Copenhagen, DK, 2013.


Figuram   2013      9’

soprano, clarinet Bb, percussion, contrabass, and live-electronics

Premiered by the Figura Ensemble, Literaturhuas, Copenhagen, DK, 2013.


Nestings  2012      6’

4 percussionists and amplified nested toy boxes.


Vox Nihili 2012   7’

flute, clarinet, piano, violin, cello.

Premiered by Callithumpian Consort for the Festival of New Music, Spaulding Concert Hall, Hopkins Center, Hanover, NH, 2012.


Elementary Sources    2011   6’

string quartet  and laptop.

Premiered by the Voxare Quartet, for the Festival of New Music, Spaulding Concert Hall, Hopkins Center, Hanover, NH, 2011.


Cyclicum    2010   6’

violin, viola, cello,  and laptop.

Premiered by the Voxare Quartet, at the ICMC Alternative Events Concert, SUNY Stony Brook, Long Island, NY, 2010.


Cyclone’s Needle 2010   7’

two percussion and laptop.

Premiered at Beyond the Machine 10.0, Inaugural concert of the Wilson Theater Concert Hall, The Juilliard School, New York, NY, 2010.


Aqua Regia 2008   6’

flute, clarinet, piano, percussion, violin, viola, cello.

Premiered by the Aspen Contemporary Ensemble, Sydney Hodkinson, Harris Concert Hall, Aspen, CO, 2008.


Fatula Gulen Cycle 2008   12’

mezzo-soprano, cello, kanun (or harp), and oud (or bass)

Premiered by the Birlesen-Yollar Ensemble, Tour of Turkey, 2008.



Preludes for Violin and Cello   2007   8’

Premiered by Vittorio and Duccio Ceccanti at the Accademia Musicale Chigiana, Siena, Italy, 2007. Awarded the “Diploma of Merit” from the Accademia Musicale Chigiana.


Electric String Quartet     2004   26’

String Quartet and Live Electronics

Premiered by the Juilliard Electric Ensemble at the 2004 Beyond the Machine 2.1. The Juilliard School Room 208, New York, NY 2004.  


Akulavira   2004   8’

string quartet

Premiered by the Cornell Contemporary Chamber Players, Barnes Hall, Cornell Univ., Ithaca, NY. BMI Young Composers Award 2005.


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solo instruments

Hot Mess 2013  11’

 for solo bass clarinet Bb, and actuated drum.

 Commissioned by Heather Roche, premiere scheduled for March 11th, 2014, at The Green Room in Somerville, MA.


Sonata No. 1  2004 (rev. 2013)  12’

 for solo piano

 Recorded by Steve Beck, The Juilliard School recording studio, 2004.


SVIN    2012  8’

for solo contrabass and laptop.

Premiered by Jesper Egelund at Det Frie Gallerie, Copenhagen, Denmark (DK), 2012.


Intersecare 2012  10’

for solo cello and laptop.

Premiered by Filipe Quaresma, Mo. de S. Bento da Victória, Porto, Portugal, 2012.


Violine   2011  12’

for solo violin and laptop.

Premiered by the composer at the 2011 MATA Interval Series, Issue Project Room, Brooklyn, NY.


Passacaglia   2007   7’

solo piano.

Premiered by Michael Brown at the Liederkranz Center in New York, NY 2007.


Spheres    2004    7’

Solo Piano

Premiered by Frederic Lacroix at the Mid-Day Music Concerts, Lincoln Hall, Cornell Univ., Ithaca, NY 2004.


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