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(Echoic Memory)...The journey was one of cumulative perception, as opposed to the immediacy of directly crossing a threshold between two spaces. As a result, aspects of the Drawing Center’s interior became elements of the evening’s sound performances. The disruption of the expected gallery visit nudged us out of perfunctory interaction; we began the evening in a state of heightened awareness." Daily Serving
(Details on the Strasbourg Rosace)  [An] elegant aural frieze; seeing an illuminated digital image of the glorious window, you understood why Topel felt inspired.
Boston Globe
I found “Capturing Resonance” a memorable experience, both sonically and visually.
– Gwarlingo Magazine
(Capturing Resonance)  reminiscent of the music of a glass armonica. Enchanting.
– World of Music 
(Incendio)...sizzled with a fractured kind of repeating ostinato and lots of crash and bang.
– Twin Cities - Pioneer Press
(Violine) shimmering, otherworldly sounds...
– Musicweb International
 (Electric String Quartet) of the most skillful and beautifully integrated electronic quartets I have ever heard.
– Juilliard Journal
(Automata)...a fiercely modern electronic piece. 
Cornell Alumni Magazine
(Three Preludes) indeterminate sense of pitch fashioned with restless fidgets and broad, liquid glissandos.
– New York Times
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