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Q. Kong, A. Sarroff, S. Topel, M.A. Casey "Getting Into the Groove with Hierarchical Probabilistic Latent Component Analysis"In Proc. Of NIPS Workshop, Granada, Spain, 2011.

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scholarly publications

interviews and features


Interview with Rudiger Meyer (Schott, Edition S) in Copenhagen, Denmark, March 2013. 


invited talks

"Transient-Transcience: Finding the Sound in Art" keynote, ZKM Karlsruhe, September, 2017. 

"Plurality of Transduction in Modes of Sound and Actuation" Paper Presentation, Columbia University, April, 2017. 

“Scalable Art: Open Source for Sound Art and Installation”Composer and Technology Seminar Talk, CRMMT, November, 2014.

Composer Seminar Talk, Wesleyan University, October, 2013.

Interactivity Workshop, DKDM, Copenhagen, February, 2013. 

Composer Seminar, DKDM, Copenhagen, February, 2013. 

Guest Composer/Performer at the "State of the Art" Festival, Cornell University, April, 2011.

Three Workshops on Live Performance Interaction. Brandeis University, February, 2011.

“Finding the Groove: A Latent Rhythm Stream Approach to Audio Analysis”. Univ. of Virginia, November, 2010.

“Where's the Groove? Probe-Tone Analogies in Rhythm Perception”. Dartmouth College, July, 2009.

“Ambisonics, Wave-Field Synthesis, and other Spatialization Techniques”, CUNY Mathematics, October, 2008. 


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